Teleprompter Services


We have a selection of camera mount, presidential, and over the shoulder prompters.  For most shoots, we suggest a through the lens camera mount field prompter. For interview setups, over the shoulder eyeline monitors can help convince your audience that two people are speaking to each other during a long dialogue, rather than reading a prompter. For your public speaking event a presidential style teleprompter will allow direct eye contact with your audience but still stay focused on your topic.
























The best speech is one where the speaker can achieve direct eye contact with the most people. That is difficult to achieve when his/her head stays in one, fixed location.

That is why many speakers choose to have more than one teleprompter placed in front of them at different angles. The presidential style teleprompter allows for them to turn their head around the room, but still stay focused and on topic.


Westway Visuals provide you with every facet of teleprompting services. We offer services for Film, Video, Meetings and Conventions. If you’re using a prompter for the first time, or perhaps need some public speaking tips, Westway Visuals can help.  Or, if you are a presenter wondering why you might want to use a prompter, we explain why for both video and public speaking.





Out of town producers often ask something like "We have a video shoot in Atlanta, GA. Is that near you?"  Client projects have traveled us all over our region including parts of South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and even Tennessee.  It makes financial sense to drive if the distances aren’t too far.  We can better control costs, and we’re able to bring extra equipment because we’re not managing checked luggage on an airplane.  And if your location is only a few hours away, we’ll have time remaining in the day to get some work done.

Our expertise and teleprompter equipment can be the difference between a successful shoot or presentation and a costly one.

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