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Standard walk-through video


Aerial Videography/Photography Video (add-on)


Amenities (Neighborhood pool, clubhouse, etc)


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Aerial Videography/Photography

Real estate videos are a fantastic way to generate more leads and build trust-driven relationships in your community.


We pay attention to how our videos use the features of the house. You can feature the entryway and special parts of every room. We feel the quality of the video increases dramatically the further you get from simply panning the room. In addition our drone video footage will make your home walk-through that much more captivating.


When it comes to videos, you really want to have content out there that introduces yourself and your team. Selling real estate is all about the relationship and trust. You can garner a lot of trust and start the relationship through video. Plus, you stand a very good chance of these videos being found by searchers on-line. The other neat thing about this type of video is that it allows you to have permanent content.  House walk-throughs have a very limited lifespan. But your agent and introduction videos can last for years!

Real estate videography is video designed to meet a specific real estate need. There are five major types of real estate videography:


1. Community/Market-Based Videos

Those looking for a home watch online videos to learn about the community in which they are considering buying a home. Statistics show that 86% of house hunters watch these videos. This type of video is especially useful in an area with limited real estate competition.


2. Listing Videos

This type of real estate videography is a 1-to-3 minute video designed to sell property. Real estate professionals have realized, just as other business professionals have, that nothing sells quite as effectively as video. 70% of those looking for a new home watch video home tours online.


3. Informative or "How-to" Videos

Those looking for a home also need information about the steps involved in a home purchase. As many as 54% of homeowners watch videos to gather information about the buying and selling process. Providing this service with your name or that of your real estate company can generate clients for buying and selling your listed properties.


4. Testimonial Videos

A testimonial video can set you apart from your peers. 30% of those seeking a home watch video testimonials about the agent or company with whom they are working. This type of videography can set you apart from competitors in a large market.


5. "About Me" or "About Us" Videos

This type of real estate videography provides a profile about an agent or real estate company. Potential clients view these videos, as well as recommend them to their friends – about 25% of homebuyers.


A professionally produced real estate video should include:



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